Project Description

Barsana Dental Care

Various research publications cite that higher dental & oral hygiene results in improved quality of life of an individual. Appropriate dental care is of utmost importance for providing the right amount of nutrition to the body. Basic activities like eating, drinking, swallowing & smiling can be performed properly with appropriate dental & oral care. Saliva can be mixed properly only if dental & oral hygiene is maintained. Dental hygiene is spoilt with chewing of Tobacco/Gutka/Matka/Pan & smoking of cigarettes. It can impair blood flow to the gums which in turn could affect healing of the dental tissues. Diabetic people could also face higher risk of oral & dental issues. Gum inflammation, thrush & burning mouth/tongue are common problem reported by diabetic patients.

Incidence of dental & oral issues are reported maximum in Barsana & adjacent villages in India due lack of awareness & education.

Hence, Share Your Care at the Bhaktivedanta Hospital tries to address this issue by conducting the dental camp every year along with the eye camp during the same period since the year 2000. Dentists, volunteers & paramedical staff take efforts to setup a full-fledged dental facility comprising of equipments, chairs & wash basin while rooms are converted in to a perfect dental OPD prior to the commencement of the camp.

Services rendered at the Camp Site

1) Quality & compassionate dental care

2) Well-qualified & reputed Dentists

3) Dental equipments of international standards

4) Dental checkup & screening including Scaling, Extraction, Filling & Dentures for the needy.

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